John "Adidam" Littlejohn


“Do your ears a favour and listen to this innovative alternative hip-hop artist.”

“John’s music is extremely original and magnificently arranged and played.”VH1 Song of the Year Competition

“Distinctive.”The Baltimore Sun

“John Littlejohn…is a pretty impressive guy.”NPR

“Many have attempted to blend classical and hip-hop. Dare we say few can do it with the authenticity of ADIDAM.”

“…a breath of fresh air.”Music Monthly Magazine

Have we met? No? Let’s connect! Yes? Holla at me when you see me…but it’s quite possible that you may know me and know nothing about the music I make. Not the music that I play, but MY music – the music in my head. Give it a listen? Better yet, let me give you some of my music for free.

It’s ENTIRELY Acoustic – Just me and Margaret (my violin). Rap, Classical, Beatboxing, Vocals, Violin, Jazz…you gotta hear it! Just put on some headphones, close your eyes, and head-nod to something new and fresh!

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