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Man vs. Machine

My real name is John Henry Littlejohn – the first and only. How did I end up with that name? Well, here’s my story…

My parents weren’t married when I was born, actually they were never married to each other. They basically made me, then went their separate ways. They are very different people. If you met them today, which would be a blessing because they’re both great people, you’d probably think, “How did you two ever come together long enough to make a baby?”

Well…they did, and here I am…in all my bastardness! LOL

I took it personally…

c_mg_9807-editedI want to say THANK YOU for all of the encouragement with the release of my first single! This is by far the most personal music I’ve ever made, and because every sound on the album is made by myself and the violin, I’ve had to pour my total self into every song – starting with “Blahdidam.” Personal.

It’s always a scary feeling to reveal so much of yourself to the world because it publicly opens up a vulnerable place that is normally reserved for a close, “safe” group of people. Maybe that’s why so many brilliant artists are nuts.