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[Drumroll] After an super-productive 7-month break from social media, I’m returning new and refreshed…sort of…

Why return? Simply said, this upcoming season is going to be amazing and I want to invite a larger audience to walk with me through it. My Sojourners will still get priority though!

Why “sorta”? I’ve learned a lot about balancing creative output with social media marketing, and needed some space to do more “making music” and less “talking about making music.” In this time, I believe I’ve created some really great music, and with Dale Villajuan, am in the middle of developing a ground-breaking show…but is music really great if no one hears it? Some would argue “yes”, I think “no.” I’m making music to be shared, hoping that it encourages and inspires someone. So…I’m reactivating my FB page, and restarting my Instagram. No Twitter for now. The difference being that I will not be developing my personal FB page. My closest friends and family should have my phone # and email, and can reach me anytime. I’ve really enjoyed personally catching up with friends over the phone and via text. Being LESS connected made me MORE connected, and I’m not going to trade that in. Also, no more mindless browsing. I’m surprised about how much time I can spend scrolling through funny memes on IG! My favs right now:


It’s funny cuz it’s kinda true…



Say “Father God” one mo’ time!

See?? Funny right??…BUT…I gotta chill on the scrolling…Dang though, those memes do crack me up…but…no more! In short, my FB and IG pages will focus on my music and artistic life…but not so much on my family and stomach chronicles. Side note: if you want to see my family, check out this video.

Whatcha’ been doing? Tons! Just this summer I directed 3 music camps, recorded a couple of music videos, composed/arranged 4 orchestral works, and more…Check back often cuz the art’s about to come pouring out of this guy at a faster rate!

Who will be the first person to join my brand-new, baby Instagram Page: @adidammusic???


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Talk soon,

John “Adidam” Littlejohn

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