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Before jumping into a busy summer of teaching and performing, I wanted to take a moment and send a quick update to those who care. When I left Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram I promised to blog more…6 months later…

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My Bad…See, what had happened was…


Taking a look back, the 2015/16 season was a great one for me. I…

1. …faced new challenges like acting in a commercial and presenting Infinitus shows in french. The commercial was a blast, but before that first french-speaking concert in Quebec I was backstage looking like –

2. …was meme’d! Be sure to turn up the volume, but if you can’t hear it, it says “genital yeast infections in women and men.” Hahahahaha!

3. …finished my new album, Caterpillar Chronicles, co-produced by Jeff Wang. It’ll be out soon, I just have to figure out how to market it without being on FB, and raise enough funds to give it the release it deserves (Help?). It’ll be worth the wait though!


4. …started developing a live show with filmmaker Dale Villajuan, which will be a collaboration of music and film. We’ve already got 3 videos done (Yay!), and a lot more to go. You’ll be hearing more about this very soon. I can’t wait to share it with you!


5. …danced with my wife and kids in my most personal music video to date. “Better“. Have you seen it? If not, here it is:


HAAA! Sike! – Here it is for real!

This year I’ve faced many personal challenges and triumphs (2016 is no joke! Right?), but the good far outweighs the bad. I’m blessed and I choose to stay that way, no matter what I’m going through.

Next week I’m off to follow one of my major passions: helping others make music. I direct 2 music camps in British Columbia: CYMC Instrumental Program and the Thrive City String Boot Camp (Jr. & Overnight). If you’re in the area, COME TO OUR CONCERTS! If you want to help us continue to send low-income kids to camp for free, DONATE. If you or your child play a stringed instrument, COME TO CAMP. We still have a few spots left. Click on the links for more info.

For all of my prayer warriors out there, please pray that each and every child in attendance leaves encouraged, equipped, and inspired.

I pray that this summer is a blessed one for you. Comment below (via FB, Google+, Disqus, etc) or send me an email if you have any prayer requests. Talk soon. 😀

– John “Adidam” Littlejohn