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I’m doing what I thought I couldn’t. I’m dropping my personal social media pages like a bad habit. Yep. FB, Instagram, Twitter – Deleted. I’ll still be managing business pages (Thrive City, CYMC, Infinitus, etc.), but I’m saying adios to my personal pages – and it feels really good!

Why? The short answer is that it’s time to move to the next level of God’s calling for my life, and in order to do that I need to leave a few things behind. Like all of us, I only have 24hrs. a day, and I have to be wise about how I use them. What worked for one period of life, may not always work for every stage. Facebook served it’s purpose in my life, now it’s time to move on.

Let me tell you, deleting social media accounts in 2016 is DEFINITELY harder than it was a few years ago. Trying to delete my FB and Instagram pages (Twitter was pretty easy) was annoying, time-consuming, and unnecessarily difficult. During the process I learned a few things:

1. Facebook and Instagram are fine with me leaving, they just want to keep EVERYTHING. Seriously. Every picture. Every “like” (why?). Every post. Everything. Don’t believe me? If you have a Facebook page, try to go back to your first years of content and delete it, then come back here and tell me how that worked out. It used to be a lot easier, but now you have to go post by post and delete them all manually. The harder it was to delete, the more determined I was to delete them. At first I was super sensitive, getting all nostalgic at every picture and post from a long lost friend. By the end I was like “Baby Picture?” Delete. “Happy Birthday to…” Delete. “Hi son it’s your mom…” Delete. Once I realized I wasn’t actually deleting real people, cuz it kinda felt like that at first, I was good to go. Delete.
Instagram only let me delete a few pictures every 15 minutes. So I set an alarm. Delete.
I’m not sure why they want to keep everything. But I’m pretty sure it has something to do with data mining.

2. There’s something majorly wrong with being able to delete music I compose, easier than I could delete Facebook content. When composing I wear erasers out, and when I’m in the studio I’m like, “Delete it.” But when faced with erasing FB posts about eating toast I was like, “Maybe I should keep it??” That ain’t right. Delete.

3. After things were deleted and I hit the ultimate “Delete” button, I felt great! [sidenote: the Instagram delete button is no longer available on the website or app. You have to search for it in Google WHILE logged into IG on your computer, then the button magically appears. Shady.] It feels good to be letting go of some big things that were taking up too much real estate in my life. It’s like the feeling of leaving a terrible job, or a jacked up relationship that you’ve been trying to get out of.

4. If you don’t already do it, make a routine of deleting old content. Also, be sure to give someone permission to close your account when you die by setting up a legacy contact. Otherwise you’ll be posting from the grave.

So what’s next? A lot. I’ll be spending more time creating art and sowing into real relationships.

I’m so honored and humbled that you are interested in the life and music God has given me, and am grateful to the many who have rolled with me through many changes and developments.

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Talk soon,

John “Adidam” Littlejohn

P.S. It’s kinda weird that the comments section is still via FB, but its the most secure until I find something better. Suggestions?

UPDATE: Thanks to all those who left comments and I’m sorry they were deleted. When I deleted my Facebook account I lost all of them. :/ Well, back to square one. :)