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Of all the things that would put my face in front of America…LOL!

About 2 weeks ago, my first (and only?) acting gig fell into my lap. Apparently this self-proclaimed caterpillar fit the description of a left-handed violinist with diabetes :O (only the violinist part is true). One day I was teaching and I got a couple of frantic messages from a casting director – I thought it was a scam. Turns out it wasn’t – she had come across my FB profile and thought I’d fit the commercial perfectly. She zoomed to one of my teaching jobs and got me on camera between lessons. After a couple of call backs, I got the role! I was excited, but also like, “I’m not sure how I feel about someone looking at me and thinking, ‘You look like you have diabetes.'” Ya know?

Truth be told, I had a blast. As a rookie, here’s a few surprise lessons I learned:

1. Saying ANY word 100+ times in a row makes it lose it’s meaning. Try it. Say “City” 100 times and see if you start to doubt your ability to speak English!

2. Beware of the du-rag line. For those who don’t know, a du-rag is a cap used to keep my hair from puffing all the way out. Between scenes I’d put on the du-rag to keep my dreads tight. One break they tried to rush me on set to film an idea they had, so I whipped the du-rag off and jumped in front of the camera.

Director: What’s that? (pointing to my head)
Me: Uh…a du-rag line. It’ll be gone in 5 minutes.
Director: A what??

This then lead to a 5 minute break, followed by a schedule change, in which everyone waited for my du-rag line to go away. I’ve never had so many people staring at my forehead! ROFL

Du-rag Line - this is not my forehead

Du-rag Line – this is not my forehead

Chillin' with the director.

Chillin’ with the director.

3. Lunch is more like dinner. We ate lunch at 4pm. It was the bomb, but it was at 4pm. If I was actually diabetic, I would’ve needed Farxiga for real.

4. Unless you are in production, you have no idea what the final product will look like, or what you’re true role is.

5. You can create a spotlight out of sunlight. Margaret (my violin) doesn’t like direct sunlight (no violin does), so on every small break I found a piece of shade to chill in, which almost worked except that there was a guy with a gigantic aluminum foil-looking sheet who excelled at reflecting the sunlight directly onto me at all times.

6. If an animal is in a scene, the animal is the star. Meet “Oscar”.



In all seriousness, I had a great time. The staff and crew were great and the food was on point! This was a blessing from God.

Here’s the finished product. It’s halfway down the first page: https://www.farxiga.com/type-2-diabetes-medication.html

What do you think? Do I look diabetic enough? ROFL!

If you’ve never heard my music before, let me send you a couple of free songs. For more info, [click here].

UPDATE: Thanks to all those who left comments and I’m sorry they were deleted. When I deleted my Facebook account I lost ALL of your fantastic comments. (I was using the FB comments plugin :/) Oh well, back to square one. :)