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Summer music camps and festivals were instrumental in helping me become a professional violinist. Because of that, part of my life’s mission is to provide high-quality and effective music camps to string players from diverse backgrounds – in an effort to reignite a flame of passion, creativity, and excellence around stringed instruments. [I think that’s the most dramatic sentence I’ve ever typed! LOL]

This year, I am blessed to be the director of 4 music camps (in order by date):

Spring Break Boot Camp @VAM

• Dates: March 16-20
• Info: http://thrivecitymusic.com/blog/spring-break-boot-camp/

CYMC Strings & Winds Program

• Dates: June 28 – July 12
• Info: http://cymc.ca/strings-and-winds/

Junior String Boot Camp 2015

• Dates: July 27-31
• Info: coming soon…

Thrive City String Boot Camp 2015

• Dates: Aug. 4-14
• Info: http://thrivecitymusic.com/blog/tcsbc-2015

Check ’em out. If you’re a parent or teacher of a string student, consider sending your young musician to one of the camps above!