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c_mg_9807-editedI want to say THANK YOU for all of the encouragement with the release of my first single! This is by far the most personal music I’ve ever made, and because every sound on the album is made by myself and the violin, I’ve had to pour my total self into every song – starting with “Blahdidam.” Personal.

It’s always a scary feeling to reveal so much of yourself to the world because it publicly opens up a vulnerable place that is normally reserved for a close, “safe” group of people. Maybe that’s why so many brilliant artists are nuts.

When someone else writes the song, you’ve hired background musicians, and someone else makes the beat – it’s easy to pass the blame on to your collaborators – but when it’s all me, I’m left holding the can of spraypaint next to the AmTrak car. Guilty with no scapegoat.

Truth be told, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s part of the journey. It’s all part of growth, balance, purpose, and fulfillment. I’m blazing forward and will not scale back. Listeners will truly hear John “Adidam” Littlejohn on this album – real, experienced, improved, yet still evolving.

The great thing about having a personal relationship with God is that He gives me direction while also being the Anchor that keeps me grounded in a shaky music world. And I’m so grateful for all of the great connections I’m privileged to make along the way.

Since I released blAhDIDAM a couple of days ago, the outpouring of accolades and support has been very encouraging! People reached out via email, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instragram, and in person! Wow. Thank you! I heard what you said, and I’m taking it personally. :)

Just in case you have no idea what blAhDIDAM (pronounced “BLAH-dee-dahm”) is, this is it:

If you’re just checking it out for the first time, holla at me and let me know what you think. Thanks,

Much love,
All Day…

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